Fertility is a topic very close to my heart. From personal experiences to the trust friends have put in me when talking about their own journeys, I felt compelled to do more. Trying to conceive, hoping for a sticky baby (if you know you know), and the road of infertility are significant feats. The journey to viability looks different for everyone, and sometimes you just need someone in your corner. 

That’s why I chose to train and certify as a Fertility Support Specialist. My goal in this role is to hold space for all individuals in the process of making a family, as well as be a resource on the business of making babies. Whether you are just beginning to try to conceive or are in the midst of clinical treatments such as IUI and IVF, I am here for you. 

Hand Holding Branch


Support at Every Step

Because every birth is different, I offer a variety of labor support packages to meet your unique needs. My passion for helping birthing parents allows me to embrace my role in any space, whether you’re planning a natural home birth, a medically assisted hospital birth, or otherwise. I accept a limited number of clients, which enables me to fully focus on you and your experience. 

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, I also offer a variety of prenatal and postpartum services to aid in infant feeding. To learn more about the lactation specific services I offer, please visit Healthy Latch Lactation Support. 


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