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Support at Step One



• Education and analysis on cycle charting. 

• Two virtual 60 minute support sessions, to go over informational, physical, and emotional aspects of trying to conceive, clinical treatments, coping techniques, and recovery support. 

• Continuous text, email, and phone support for duration of the contract. 



Charting Education 

• 1 hour virtual session on learning to chart your cycle and symptoms. 

Chart Review

• 30 minute virtual session at the end of your cycle to review and discuss the outcomes.

• Additional chart review for subsequent cycles available at $20/cycle. 



Pregnancy is different for those who’ve battled infertility. If you’ve received your positive and are now nurturing a pregnancy, you may find you desire continued support as you face the milestones of gestation. This may be especially valuable for people who’ve suffered pregnancy or infant loss, or those who feel very protective of the pregnancy that took so much effort to conceive. 


My services during pregnancy support will include: 

• Virtual appointments, to occur during each trimester 

• Continuous phone/text support throughout your pregnancy


Infertility can not only affect your emotional and physical health, but can also cause financial stress. I believe everyone going through this journey should have access to support if they choose. If finances are a concern for you when considering hiring a fertility doula, please reach out to me to talk about our options. Based on resources at the time, we may be able to offer reduced pricing or free support!


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